Last year was good for investors, but no one knows when the recession will come in 2023

According to the report of JP Morgan Chase, this year the recession will come at the end of the year.

Economic uncertainty of any kind can be challenging, but legendary investor Warren Buffett has some solid advice that can help you deal with it.

At a time like this, many Americans are feeling anxious about the future. But Buffett Said Not to Worry About It.

The market's long-term performance will always be more important than short-term fluctuations.

Buffett Shares With The New York Times His Thoughts on the Market's Future When a 2008-Like Recession Is Coming.

Buffett explains how to protect your money

Perhaps Buffett's best advice is where to put your money. Not all stocks will survive a recession, and investing in the wrong places can be incredibly costly. However, the right investments can save you during periods of volatility

The best stocks are from healthy businesses that have solid fundamentals, such as strong financials and a capable leadership team.

These types of companies are more likely to face a downturn, and the more stocks you have in your portfolio, the better off you are.

No one -- not even Warren Buffett -- knows how the market will perform in the coming months